Help Your Clients

We have experience working with the following.

Equipment manufacturers

Manufacturers are known to offer schemes for the equipment they sell. Whether this maybe a 0% Offering, a Weekly or monthly price, finance is a great tool to generate more sales and create interest.


  • Great for Marketing Campaigns
  • Brings in a wider audience
  • Helps your resellers sell equipment
  • Less Cash objections

Equipment Resellers

No matter the equipment, New or Used, we can help increase sales in your business by offering finance on the equipment you sell.


  • Great for marketing and opportunity to increase sales
  • Receive payment on time
  • Less Cash Objections
  • Affordable monthly payments for your customers
  • Opportunity to Upsell

Accountants/Professional Services

Add to the service you already offer and provide additional support for your clients with finance.


  • Help your client solve financial problems
  • Keep up to date with schemes available for your client
  • Add to your reputation